One comprehensive platform for all your unit tracking

ORIN Plans Standard PRO Enterprise
Monthly price FREE IDR50.000/unit Contact Us
Yearly price IDR500.000/unit
ORIN Features
Google Maps
History 24 Hours 1 Year 1 Year
Max number of units per account 5 100 Unlimited
Alert Notification Push Notification Push Notification, Email* Push Notification, Email*, SMS*
Unlimited Geofence Max 3
Polygon Geofence
Google Street View
Dashboard Chart
Analisa Tata Kemudi
Driving Behaviour
Share location for certain period of time
Single / Multiple Unit
Fieldmate Integration
ORIN API Integration
POI Management & Alert
Reminder Unit
Reminder By KM / Interval Date / Specific Date
Avatar Default Extra Package Extra Package
Sleep Hour Alert*
SIM Card management*
Update Locations By SMS* 5 Locations / DAY
Route and Direction Management*
Privacy Setting*
Summary Email Report Daily Daily, Weekly* Daily, Weekly*, Monthly*
Alert Report
Travel Report
Stop & Idle Report
Summary Report
Est Gas Report
Direction Report
Detailed Unit Report
Device Dashboard
Geofence Report*
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* Under Development

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